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BC Provincial Championships

June 3 - 25, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 BC Provincials. Note the event will be held over two weekends at Dynamo Fencing Club. Athletes must be members of CFF or equivalent National Body (i.e USFA) Foil Bib required for all events. Full 350N uniform required for all events. If numbers warrant events may be run as mixed or single gender. Registrations must be prepaid on ASKFRED in advance. After closing date triple fees apply. Note fees are in US dollars

Events Scheduled:
Y10 Mixed Epee
Y10 Mixed Foil
Y10 Mixed Saber
Y12 Mixed Epee
Y12 Mixed Foil
Y12 Mixed Saber
Y14 Women's Epee
Y14 Mixed Foil
Y14 Mixed Saber
Y14 Men's Epee
Cadet (U17) Women's Epee
Cadet (U17) Mixed Foil
Cadet (U17) Mixed Saber
Cadet (U17) Men's Epee
Junior (U20) Women's Epee
Junior (U20) Mixed Foil
Junior (U20) Mixed Saber
Junior (U20) Men's Epee
Senior Women's Epee
Senior Mixed Foil
Senior Mixed Saber
Senior Men's Epee
Vet Combined Mixed Veteran Epee
Vet Combined Mixed Veteran Foil
Vet Combined Mixed Veteran Saber

Register at AskFred: youth, senior

June 3 - 4, 2017 BC Provincial Championships
June 23 - 25, 2017 Senior events