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Vanguard Liquidation Sale

Dec 10, 2008 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Place: Vanguard Fencing Club

Everything must go!

Some of you have heard, some not ... Vanguard has closed its doors, and everything must go!

What's available - well, everything - a partial list to give you an idea:

USED - Prices negotiable based on condition:
club weapons - dry and electric,
guard pads,
socket plugs,
foil grips,
bare used blades - foil, epee, cut for pistol and also not (bring your grip to check if tang still long enough for you),
chest guards,

NEW - list not complete - taxes previously paid on goods, all prices therefore include tax (selling below my cost):

Description Size Quantity Sale Price
Negrini 350N Medium 1 90
Fleche 350N w/liner Medium 3 70
Fleche 350N RH 38 1 70
Fleche 350N RH 50 2 70
Fleche 350N RH 48 1 70
Fleche 350N 46 1 40
Fleche 350N 38 1 40
Fleche 350N 42 1 40
Fleche RH 44 1 70
Fleche RH 42 1 70
Fleche RH 58 1 70
NN RH 46 1 70
Gloves grey LH 8.5 1 10
grey LH 8Child 1 10
blue LH 8 1 10
FWF gold wired
STM gold unwired
STM blue unwired
NN silver mini blade
NN silver wired

Also have new:
guard pads,
french and pistol grips,
guard plugs,
assorted parts,

Club stuff - prices negotiable:
Full length lockers, constructed in sections, 2 per section, in various condition, some just fine, other have one or two mangled closures (from when somebody locked their keys in their lockers, and no bolt cutters were handy...)
Also 1/2 length lockers - I believe they are sectioned 2 up, 2 down.
Large wooden work bench with 3 drawers and bench vise (you'll need a truck!).
2 heavy duty plastic shelving units. (can be disassembled)
Rolling weapons/mask rack - sorry, I forget how many weapons it holds - about 20 - 26; about 16 - 20 masks. (truck needed for this one too!)
Prieur 2-weapon scoring set.

Overhead wiring - you take it down, it's yours!
There is a monster step ladder to get up to the gym ceiling.

Please come to the door closest to the equipment room, which is the north side of the building, east corner, to minimize disturbance to the classes which are held both day and evening in the building.

Brochure: download